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Coffee Cape May, New Jersey Rustic Wood

We have been together 12 years, married 6, one of our main objectives has always been to work together. In 2016 we realized our current professions were more depleting than fulfilling so we decided to hit the reset button! We left our jobs and downsized to a 24 ft travel trailer "Marshmellow."  With our dog larri, toys and tools in tow we embarked on an indefinite road trip heading West with no particular plan other than to use the toys to bike, hike, ski, and canoe as much as possible. Long story short, it was a truly unforgettable experience infused with adventure, epic scenery, lasting relationships and life lessons. It solidified our need to be together, to live meaningful lives and to inspire others get Out There and chase big dreams. 

Craig's curiosity and drive for self reliance lead to a passion for roasting his own coffee.  Using his initial and preferred device, the whirly pop, he continues cranking out unique delicious coffee for friends and family to enjoy! His experience working as a coffee  roaster introduced him to the commercial side of the spectrum and planted the seed of future ambitions. While Nikki always enjoyed the benefits of drinking Craig's freshly roasted coffee, it wasn't until she became a barista at the Giddy Goat in Lowell, OR that she discovered her enthusiasm for coffee preparation and the community it cultivates. Coffee is so much more than a caffeinated beverage to get us going! It's a positive experience and connection that brings people together again and again!  


It was a bit of a eureka moment for us when we realized coffee was the perfect vehicle. Not only can we work together doing something we love but coffee allows us to connect with and positively impact others. We want to propel more people to get out there, chase big dreams, and find what makes them happy! 


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